So, you don’t have maintenance?

Who will repair your network when it fails? Where do you get spares if the equipment breaks? How long will it take to get replacement equipment? Who installs software upgrades? Do you have to pay for those upgrades? How will you handle your circuit problems? What is the financial impact on your revenue if your network fails?

How do you protect your network investment?

You invest substantial financial resources to develop and implement a functional, flexible, and reliable network. Your network is a strategic asset to your business. The network will remain a valued asset so long as it is monitored and maintained properly. At Datanode, we work to keep you working!

At Datanode we are maintenance experts. Over the past 21 years, Datanode has developed the diagnostic tools and the skill-sets to solve all these problems and keep your network running at its optimum level. The key to proper maintenance is to proactively monitor the network, much like a doctor uses a stethoscope. Datanode monitors data traffic and network performance on the local area networks, wide area networks, and carrier data circuits. This way we find both current and potential problems. We then diagnose the problem and quickly work to effect the solution.