VIP Service

VIP Service

The Datanode VIP service is a managed server appliance installed at the customer’s site. The appliance is an optimized and customized tool for monitoring and maintaining your network. Some of the services available on the VIP server include:

Server Trend Graphing

  • Does not require the installation of additional software but relies on SNMP which is usually included with the operating system.
  • Graph types include (but are not limited to):
    • Interface utilization
    • CPU load
    • Memory usage
    • Disk usage
    • Switch backplane utilization
    • Temperature probes

Intrusion Detection

  • Custom-configured to match the normal traffic on your network to reduce the number of false-positive alerts
  • Web-based management/reporting interface
  • Host monitoring and alerting
  • Per host and per service monitoring
  • Web-based configuration and monitoring interfaces.
  • Configurable dependencies – if a critical server fails you will not be alerted for all of the other services that depend on that server.
  • Configurable notifications by time of day and/or day of the week
  • Escalation options – in the event that the first-level notification was not acknowledged second-level notifications can be sent out.
  • Per host and per service notification options
  • Trend reporting
  • Optionally custom check scripts can be created to monitor other devices – environmental probes, for example.

E-mail filtering

  • Does not take the place of your existing mail server. Instead the VIP server removes the requirement of your mail server to be directly connected to the Internet thus reducing the risk to your computing assets.
  • VIP Server scans all incoming mail and forwards the clean mail to your existing mail server.
  • Anti-SPAM tools to reduce the amount of SPAM reaching your office. The VIP server can easily handle filtering over 10,000 messages per day, scalable up to 100,000 messages/day or more.
  • Anti-virus scanner optimized for scanning E-mail attachments. It is able to deal with all known archive formats as well as password-protected archives. Virus signatures are updated several times a day to keep up with the latest E-mail viruses and worms.
    A/V Scanner is also able to detect E-mail Phishing fraud schemes.
  • Microsoft Active Directory integration
  • LDAP integration

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